Monday, September 29, 2008

The Gifting

For the Election of Flint Area WMS Officers – A Leadership Self-Concept Interview

(Prepared by Rev. Dr. Cecelia Williams Bryant)

Many women posses more than one leadership strength. The focus of this self-interview
is to identify the one dominant gift in your life experience. There is no right or wrong
category. All gifts are equal in kingdom value.

The Gifting:

A. I am an Intercessor for Change (Worship Leader – will execute the Area-wide prayer vigil)
My prayer life is central. I seek God’s will for the church and the world. My desire is for nations of souls to be led into the kingdom.

B. I generate resources for change (Treasurer and 1st Vice President)
I believe that with creativity and ingenuity, skills can be developed to create fresh streams of income for missions.

C. I empower/ equip/ educate for change (PME Director and 2nd Vice President)
I have the insight of a life coach, the gifting of a teacher and the compassion of a servant of the Lord. I can motivate women to grasp and embrace change!

D. I make change happen (President/Chairperson and YPD Director)
I can carry out an implement an idea. I don’t see problems; I see solutions. I know how to create maximum participation for maximum impact. I can motive women to work together for change. (Not to be elected; these offices are appointed to the Area level)

E. I can use technology to facilitate change (Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary)
I can effectively and efficiently utilize technology to generate resources, provide research and provide optimum communications. I can equip the Area and Conference to maintain ties with the 4th District, the Connection and the world.

F. I mobilize for change (3rd Vice President)
I relate well and communicate well with women from multiple sectors. I have the enthusiasm to expand our circle.

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