Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Sister's Keeper

Women-led Humanitarian Action

"I understand that each day as I wake up on this side of freedom, I have a gift that comes with a responsibility."

My Sister's Keeper is a women-led, women-focused, humanitarian action group. They are a faith-inspired, multi-racial, collective of women who work together to lend sisterly assistance to communities of women in various locations throughout the World. At present, they are focused on supporting the aspirations of women in the African country of Sudan. It is their hope that their way of working together will inspire other small groups of women to form sisterhoods that support the hopes of women who dare dream in the face of dire socioeconomic conditions.

My Sister's Keeper envisions a world where women all across the globe can imagine, create and sustain vibrant and joyous communities.

Today, they are focused on assisting, protecting and advocating for the women of southern Sudan who live in Gogrial County. They befriend the women, listen to their stories, learn about their needs and support their aspirations for economic, educational and physical vitality. My Sister's Keeper aims to catalyze other women across the globe: to gather in sisterhood and harness human, financial and information resources to the women and communities they choose to serve.

My Sister's Keeper carries out this vision and mission with humility and with joy. They have been empowered by God, and in return, respond to God's call to sisterhood and to service.

The Flint Area Women's Missionary Society (Michigan Conference, African Methodist Episcopal Church) has chosen to work with My Sister's Keeper, helping the women of the Sudan reach their goals for a better life.

For more information and to read more about their projects, see the My Sister's Keeper website.

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