Monday, March 9, 2009

How to use your Michigan Conference WMS CD

After inserting the CD, open it from your designated DVD/CD drive. There will be (4) items:

- Folder entitled “Roster-xls”
- 2009-02-MI CONF WMS.pdf document
- 2009-WMS-Conn-ExecBD-Presentation
- 09 Annual Conference registration form

Open the 2009-02-MI CONF WMS.pdf document first.

o You must have Adobe Reader to access the file. If you do not have Adobe Reader software on your computer, you can download it for free at

o When you open the .pdf file, you should see the Table of Contents.

o Look over to the left and you should see a “Bookmark” tab. Click on it, and you’ll notice that the same items listed on the Table of Contents are listed in order.

o You can read the documents in the order you’d prefer by clicking on each item in the Bookmark list.

o Print pages only as needed (part of our Eco-Initiative). You will need to print registration and pledge forms. To print only the pages you need:

- Click on the “Pages from” circle in the Page Range section of the Print box
- Type in the same page number in the “from” and “to” boxes (i.e., if you want to print the 7 Prayer Initiatives – p. 13 – type 13 in the “from” and “to” boxes and click “OK”).

Back to the Table of Contents: Listed under “4th District Information” is the 4th District Missions Presentation. This information is not included in the .pdf document, but is the separate PowerPoint presentation listed above.

o Open the PowerPoint presentation from the CD folder.
o When it opens, you should see the “Slide Sorter” page.
o Go to the bottom left corner of PowerPoint and click the “Slide Show” icon. The presentation should run automatically without having to click the slides forward. Each slide lasts 9 to 13 seconds, even if you see no movement/animation.

o This would be a great presentation to show your local society and church to inform them of WMS activities.

o Click the “Esc” key on your computer to end the Slide Show.

The registration form for the August 2009 Annual Convention is included on the CD.
o Open it and print out the number of copies needed.

The “Roster-xls” folder contains two (2) officer directories in MS Excel format. They are included because Excel software makes sorting the included information easier. Common uses include: making labels, hiding unnecessary information, making a phone directory, or sorting by office or location.

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