Monday, March 9, 2009

MI Conf. WMS CD & WMS Constitution

If you were unable to attend the Michigan Conference WMS Executive Board Meeting last weekend in Lansing, you missed a wealth of information, including Conference & District programs and registration forms. But don't worry, everything you missed is available on CD-Rom: Programs, Flyers, Registration Forms (including one for the Annual Convention in August), Reading Information, Calendars, Rosters and more - over 100 pages! You will also get a complimentary WMS mini-EcoBag with your order.

And... the newest version of the WMS Constitution and By-laws are available with legislation passed at the 2007 WMS Quadrennial and ratified at the 2008 AMEC General Conference (includes YPD, too).

Click on the form needed to order both the CD and EcoBag ($15) and the Constitution booklet ($12) included in this post. Deadline for orders for the Constitution booklets (inc. payment) is Friday, March 27, 2009.

Send the completed form to: Orletta E. Caldwell, MI Conf. Treasurer, at the address indicated on the form. Check should include "Conf. CD" and/or "Constitution" in the memo

All orders include shipping and handling, so you will receive them by mail. Constitutions and CDs will be shipped in separate packaging. CDs will be shipped within one week of receipt of payment. Please contact Karen A. Davis with any questions.

Don't miss out!

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