Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tips for a Successful WMS

Here is the first in a series of tips from MI Conference WMS president, Sis. Jacqueline Mitchell-Robinson:

Tip #1: Doing Nothing is Not Acceptable

Oftentimes we get overwhelmed and become paralyzed. The things that are being asked of you seem more than you can handle and so instead of doing something, you chose to do nothing and just stare at it.

God’s people are hurting. They need Jesus. They need deliverance. God wants to use you to draw His wounded to Him.

Don’t look at problem or size of the task, but keep your eyes focused on God. He is a big God who can handle big problems. Just pray and ask the Father what He wants you to do. Keep asking until you receive an answer.

And he will answer because there’s a lot of work to do. You can

- start a prayer meeting
- raise money for a Global Mission project
- encourage your friends to sign up and attend the Prayer Convocation in Toronto
- sponsor a child to attend the Sons of Success/Daughters of Destiny Youth Leadership Retreat at Camp Baber

- read a book off of the reading list to a sick and shut in member
- start a bible study class on the Book of John with young women
- change your diet so that you can become more physically fit to walk the 2K for Women Waging Peace

- gather some young kids together and make preparation to plant a garden and teach them how to appreciate what God has created.

God is calling you. Your gifts and talents are needed. Don’t ignore the call. Do something to make a difference in your community, your church, your job, your home and in your own life.

And to God Be the Glory!

Blessings and love to all,

Jacqueline Mitchell Robinson
President, Michigan Conference WMS

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