Thursday, September 4, 2008

We are Equipped for Success

God has equipped us with everything we need to carry out the work of missions. We are prepared when we study His word and carry it with us daily, hourly, every minute and every second.

At the 4th District Christian Education Congress this past July in Lisle, IL, during a working session with Dr. Cecelia Bryant, we determined who we are as defined by God's word. Missionaries of the 4th Epsicopal Distrct will memorize the following verses by the 4th District Planning meeting this October:

We are:
In addition, during this Conference Year we will study the Gospel of John.

Let's prepare ourselves for the work of missions!

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Anonymous said...

I am waiting for Jackie to OK the Battle Creek WMS site before I send out an e-mail blast. Great idea on the blog. I am still working on the calendar attachment. Great work on your Flint site. I know this will be a blessing to many.